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Appearance of Real Wood
Durable - Can be used outside
Flexible - Bends around corners and stair rails
Moisture and Insect resistent
Can be finished or painted like wood
Wide variety of moulding and spot decorations and statues

Construction Adhesive
Panel Adhesive
White glue
Fish glue

Same as wood

Rule of thumb 3/4" thick can be bend around 12" radius
Most Base and Chair Rail mouldings may not need preformed arches
Arched Casings and Carved Crowns should be performed to size as very wide moulding cannot flex enough to fit those applications without fracturing

Custom Molds
Available for all Mouldings, Furniture Parts, Lamps, Carvings, Architectural ornaments
Customer must provide original. Original usually made of wood, clay, plaster, wax, or other materials
Price based upon size, length, etc.

Cutting of Molding
Use standard woodworking tools and equipment
Recommend holding with wood backing to prevent deflection
Carbon bits preferable
Mouldings can be routed or shaped like wood

Exterior Use
Yes, when properly installed the material is unaffected by heat, cold, moisture, or salt
Should be prepared at room temperature before installation
Any wood backing or surface should be properly sealed against moisture

Recommended - pre-drill for fasteners and hand space 1" or further apart 1" from edges bends nails

Before finishing be sure surface is clean and free of dirt and oils
Oil based paint is OK
Same as wood
With or without primer coat
Finishing is recommended done after installation

Fire Rated
No - Flame Retardant and Fire-proof formulas available

Can be tailored from very soft to rigid
Depends on shape and direction of bend
Smaller/thinner = more flexible
Larger/thicker = less flexible
Any material can fracture if overstressed
Rule of thumb 3/4" thick can turn 12" radius
Very small and sharp turns consult or Tech Dept.
Casings - Preform
Crown - Preform

Use glue for installation in addition to nails
Most wood glue can bond to Flex Moulding (see Adhesive)

Yes, same as wood

Stabilize moulding at room temperature (60 degrees) before handling
Cut to size
Glue entire backing - Hand Nail Crown Moulding should be attached to backing

Can be routed or machined
Special care should be taken to securely hold the flex material
Several smaller cuts are recommended over a single pass

Solid Urethane Resin
Available in: Flexible, Super Flex, Rigid, Fire Retardant, Fire Proof

Minimum Order

Moisture Resistant

Pre-drilling for fasteners and hand nailing is recommended, keep no less than 1" apart and 1" from edges and ends
Nail guns are not recommended due to the large size of most nails
Staples are not recommended
Pin nailers can be used cautiously, with the use of fine brads only, test shoot first, and adjust driver above flush, no closer than 3/4" from edge or other fasteners

Supply radius of curves at time of order
New Customers must confirm order by Fax. All orders over $200 must be confirmed by Fax.

For Casings or Panel Moulding
Circle or 1/2 circle requires radius or diameter

For Arch
Width and height of Arch and orientation of moulding profile (thick side in or thick side out)
Ovals or elliptical arches require templates

For Crown
Radius or diameter of Curve
Inside or outside curve, or vertical arch
Orientation of moulding
Template if required

For Base / Chain Rail / Base Cap
Length required and radius if under 18"
Handling and freight extra

Yes - see Finishing

Yes - it should be noted that sanding a surface with wood graining will remove the grain texture

Yes - Medium to dark stains work best
Thick or heavy pigmented stains are recommended
Gel or wiping type stains will give best results
Penetrating stains are not recommended
Staining after installation is recommended as most stains are not flexible and may crack if stretched when the moulding is flexed

Yes, can be stored but storage conditions may vary, but is much more flexible when recently manufactured

Flex Moulding is less flexible at temperature below 50 degrees
Below 50 degrees product should be stored and transported very carefully
Always allow Flex to come to room temperature 60-85 degrees before handling and working
Improper flexing or handling below 50 degrees can cause breaking

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