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Available for all mouldings, furniture parts, lamps & lamp posts, carvings, architectural elements. Other custom items include column rings, clipped corners, etc. Customer must provide original. Original usually made of wood, clay, plaster, wax, or other materials. Pricing on custom made is based on size, length and quantity.Flex MouldingTM®
Flex MouldingTM® can be manufactured in several grades from very flexible to fully rigid depending on use. Our sales staff will advise you on the best formula for your particular application.

Flex Moulding is composed of solid filled polyester resin and is available in 5 formulas:
1 -Flex Moulding,TM® our standard formula.
2 -Superflex,TM about 20% more flexible than the standard formula.
3 -Flex Molding Rigid,TM -hard but not brittle.
4 -Flex Moulding Fire RetardantTM -flexible with various levels of retardants, tailored to specific requirements. 5 ÐFlex Moulding -Fire proof, flexible won’t burn


Rule of thumb; 3/4" material can bend around a 12" radius curve.
Tighter radius than 12 inches must be preformed as to prevent stresses and cracking
Most Base and Chair Rail Mouldings may not need preforming of radius (Please consult our Technical Department.)
Arched Casings and Carved Crowns should be preformed to radius - very wide mouldings cannot flex enough to fit those applications without fracturing
The types of mouldings that will bend without being preformed include chair rails, base, panel and crowns.


Flex Moulding can be tailored from very soft to rigid. Depending on shape & direction of the bend.
Smaller/thinner = more flexible
Larger/thicker = less flexible
Any material can fracture if overstressed
Rule of thumb 3/4" thick can turn 12" radius
Very small and sharp turns - consult our Technical Department for custom applications.
The flexible grades permit "flexing" by hand so that Flex Moulding can be fitted along curves.
Amount or degree of flexibility depends on factors like, shape of the cross section and direction of the desired bend.
Remember that any material can fracture if overstressed. Review your application with our Technical Department.



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